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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide the best quality output possible we have attempted to answer your frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.

File Format

All files should be converted to a PDF with embedded fonts. Other acceptable file formats are JPG and TIFF. Most programs including MS Word and MS Publisher allow files to be "saved as" a PDF.  Customers can upload files on the website, email or bring in files on a flash drive. Large file can be sent using programs such as We-Transfer.

Colour Variation
Image Quality

Every monitor and/or printer will interpret the colour in your document differently.  We calibrate our copiers often to make sure it prints as accurately as possible but there is no guarantee it will match the colour on your monitor or personal laser printer.

Images should be saved at 300 dpi minimum so that they print as sharply as possible. Saving a poor quality (72 dpi) image as a high quality (300 dpi) image will not make it look or print better.

Images that are saved from web site images are less the 1/3 of the recommended quality for printing.

"Why is there a white border?"

Photocopiers require a blank edge so they can grab the paper to feed it through the machine.  We recommend allowing for 1/8" of white space around the edge of the paper. Documents designed to have colour or an image right to the edge of the paper are said to have a "bleed". Designs with a bleed usually require crop (cut) marks and the image must extend past the crop line. The entire document must fit inside the printable area of the page. Please see "Printing with Bleeds"

Printing with Bleeds
Copywritten Material

The Copyright Act (Canada) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of the copyrighted material. If you have any questions about the copyright law please contact the Copyright Office 1 (819) 997-1936. The following can only be copied in Black & White:

Driver's Licence
Identification Cards
Birth Certificates

Immigration Papers
Certificates of Citizenship
School Transcripts
Parking Permits
Certificates of Title

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